We are extremely excited about our growth and opportunity to expand into our Holladay gym. A primary goal for us as gym owners and coaches is to provide enough space and attention to each client to make sure they are safe and getting the instruction they need to progress in training and to avoid injuries. With that in mind, we like our classes to stay under 14 people per class. We have been exceeding that for many months now and it is time for more space and for more coaches to have the opportunity to do what they love.

Our Holladay gym is larger and has more open space than our Sugarhouse location. One thing you will quickly notice is we have two types of flooring. We can do traditional types of CrossFit workouts, but half of our gym space is covered by sports turf. That means we can run, we can sprint, we can work agility and push and pull sleds…we like to call it having “options” and we have plenty of them here in this new space. Our primary coaching staff here at Holladay is led by a few of our most experienced and well rounded coaches. We re excited to be a part of ┬áthis great community here in Holladay!


Tommy and Bobbie Jo Hackenbruck
Owners, Ute CrossFit Holladay