Friday – 12/19

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO COACH BRENNAN!    DAY 5 3x: 1A. 4x 8-12 Barbell Curls w/ 4 count down 1B. 4x 8-12 BB Skullcrushers w/ 4 count down 1C. 4×8 Lateral Raise 1D. 4x6ea Hammer Curls 1E. 4x6ea DB Skull Crushers Rest 2 min METCON 12 MIN,

Thursday – 12/18

Day 4 SKILL: 20 min Technique: -10 Strict Toes to Bar -10 Ring Swings -Use a band or get a spotter to push you through 3 STRICT Muscle Ups (If you can’t do 5 Strict Pullups, don’t do this.  Do 5 Strict Pullups instead) -5-10 Kipping or butterfly

Wednesday – 12/17

DAY 3 STRENGTH: 4x: 1A. 5 Snatch Grip Deadlift (2 Sets with 4 count down, 2 regular) 1B. 5 SL RDL’s holding 2 DBs w/ 3 count down, 1 count pause at bottom 1C. Max Chin Above Bar Hold (Must get at least 20 sec, so use enough band tension to

Tuesday – 12/16

DAY 2 SKILL 20 min Technique: 10 Candlesticks 5-10 Ring Pushups 5 Sec HS Hold + 1 Strict HSPU (Try to do 3 of these. Scale by doing a hold + slow eccentric). 30 sec Hold in bottom of dip position METCON: 200m Run with Med Ball 40 Wall Balls 30

Monday – 12/15

DAY 1 STRENGTH: 4x: 1A. 1x 8 second clean + 3 Position Clean up to 80% (If you cannot do a squat clean, follow each set of cleans with 3 front squats.) 1B. 10 Ring Rows AHAP 1C. 5 YTWs chest on incline bench METCON: 5 Rounds: 10 Box Jumps 7

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