Thursday – 2/26

Oly Work: 4×3 Snatch Complex. -One snatch grip deadlift (Focus on hitting proper positions) -4 Sec Eccentric Plus Touch-n-Go Snatch -Bring back to hip and repeat two more times 4×3 Clean Complex. -One clean grip deadlift (Focus on hitting proper

Tuesday – 2/24

Skill Work: For 20 min rotate through the following NOT FOR TIME: -20m Bear Crawl w/ knees 1 inch off ground) -10 Side Plank Elbow to Elbow each side -10 Shoulder Taps each arm -10 Arch/ Hollows on Bar -10 Pushups (Most advanced possible up to

Monday – 2/23

Get signed up for the “Open!” It all starts Feb. 26th!!! We will be having on awesome Friday event for the first WOD, stayed tuned for details. Strength Work: a. 4×5 Snatch Grip Deadlift w/ 4 Count Down b. 4×6 Chin-Ups w/ 2 sec pause chin above

Friday – 2/20

Core Work: 3x: 30 Sec FLR on rings 20 V-Ups 10 Strict Toes to Bar/Knees to Elbow 20m Suitcase Carry each arm WOD: Buy in: 50x Double Unders 3 Rounds: 20m Bear Crawl 10x Deadlifts (95/135#) 10x Pull Ups (upgrade with chest2bar) 10x Lateral Bar

Thursday – 2/19

Pre Work: 5×3 Snatch w/ 3 sec pause below knee. (AHAP w/ perfect form) 30-60 sec rest 5×3 Power Clean w/ 3 sec Pause Below Knee. 30-60 sec rest WOD: IWT- OHS & Clean & Jerk. 3 Rounds: Rest 2 min between 3x Clean and Jerk @ 75-80% 1 min